Are Hybrid Conferences Going To Dominate The Event Markets In 2022? – Bollywood Siyappa

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in 2020. Since then, the world has never been the same. Neither has COVID been the same with a new variant popping up every few months. It is now 2022 and presently the world is facing a threat from the COVID-19 XE variant, only a few months after Omicron happened. This begs the question: What does the future hold? Coronavirus is here to stay, which does not sound very pleasant, granted. But the safe bet here is that hybrid events are also here to stay and dominate the year in the events market.

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events in very simple terms are a mashup of in-person events and virtual meetings. Any major event like a conference, job fair, exhibition, etc can be conducted in the hybrid mode with ease. The world is indeed accepting the virus’ permanent existence and it is also true that the world is getting comfortable with hybrid events. An event that is ongoing in the physical model can also be streamed online to facilitate a larger audience to attend and engage. This is extremely feasible for those who cannot make it to the physical gathering for whatever reasons. We live in precarious and uncertain times and safety and sanity are the top priorities right now. Hybrid events are the best bet for event planners in the post-pandemic world as it reels back into normalcy gradually.

2022 is the year of hybrid events because things have very recently begun going back to pre-pandemic ways. The Hybrid model is the go-to strategy in terms of event planning presently and this is the future undoubtedly. The hybrid world will be explored to its best potential in the upcoming months and years for a finer experience.

The present scenario of hybrid events

With a new wave or two of COVID descending upon the globe every year, hybrid events have definitely gained some incredible momentum. Travel restrictions, COVID protocols, social distancing, and limitations on social gatherings make hybrid events a great and sensible pick. People who can attend the event in person may do so, the others who cannot engage in the event via online mode. Not just conferences or job fairs, but some people even stream their marriages on a hybrid event platform nowadays to accommodate their extended family in the best way possible!

Examples of hybrid events

It is almost unbelievable that over two years have gone by since the outbreak of the pandemic. The realm of events was deeply impacted by the virus. It was on a complete lockdown in the initial stages, then went to the virtual model. Now, it is a mix of online and offline i.e., hybrid. The hybrid model of events is the definite future and even currently, it is a thing of popular culture. Various major events and gatherings have recently taken place in the world in the hybrid form. For instance:

1.   Apple events have adopted the hybrid approach since 2021. Tim Cook would address the physical audience and the event would also be streamed simultaneously on a hybrid conference platform for the global audience.

2.   The Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) commemorated its 40th-anniversary event in the hybrid form. Over 200 movies were presented to a global audience, in both physical and virtual modes.

3.   FinCon21, a digital marketing event, was conducted in the hybrid mode in September 2021. The physical event took place in Austin while the virtual audience could also access and engage in the event online. Various finance content creators came together on this platform to share insights and connect with a bunch of sponsors.

4.   The Korea MICE Expo (KME), Korea’s largest trade show was also conducted in the hybrid format in November 2020. Various professionals and incentive planners came together on this platform and made it a success.

The expanding and popular hybrid event space has room for every organization to explore and gain something out of it. This is honestly just the beginning of the hybrid format’s thriving success. Conferences, marriages, job fairs, or expos, everything will drastically evolve in the hybrid space in the coming years like never before, and more innovatively than ever.

Benefits offered by hybrid events          

The pandemic had many downsides. But there are some upsides too. The amount of creativity that has been brought out in the last two years is rather captivating and the pandemic was the catalyst in bringing about some major innovation. Hybrid events are the overriding example of this. Hosts, exhibitors, and organizers are turning heads with some spectacular planning of hybrid events in the recent past while fulfilling the goal of bringing a global audience together in one event and giving people fruitful memories and experiences for a shared outcome. Some key benefits of hybrid events include:

1.   The biggest upside of hybrid formats is that it allows for a very high reach in terms of global attendance. People can attend an event from any location with zero restrictions and even engage with the event on the hybrid event platform. Virtual accessibility is amazing in the present time and everything is possible.

2.   A lower physical attendance equals a lower carbon footprint. Hybrid events are eco-friendly events since less waste is being generated and carbon emissions are also low.

3.   Hybrid events require no commuting; hence they save valuable time and funds.


The events industry was probably the most heavily impacted by the pandemic. Overnight, thousands of planned and hefty events had to be canceled and rescheduled. A state of panic was induced but maybe some changes in the events industry were long overdue. What if the pandemic was the much-needed head-start the industry needed to up its game? Hybrid events are definitely perceived as a long-term solution to accommodate the needs of everyone. The coming months will definitely witness the hybrid space being a dominating force with no hiccups. Therefore, make sure to choose the right platform, like Dreamcast, to smoothly sail the hybrid events.


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