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What to eat and what not to lose weight


Losing weight is not easy but if you plan and work on it properly then it is not that difficult either. No matter how much exercise you do, you sweat a lot after working out in the gym, but if you do not eat and drink properly, then everything is in vain. So here know what to take in the diet to lose weight, what not.

What not to eat to lose weight

 It is very important to know which foods you should not consume in food because often people try to know what they should eat in weight loss diet but they do not pay attention to what they should. Food items are to be ignored. If you want to lose weight, then today we will tell you about some such foods which you should not consume at all, such as

  • Avoid sugary drinks

It contains a lot of sweeteners. Which increase your weight and if you want to reduce your weight then do not use them at all.

  • don’t eat outside food

Do not consume food items from the markets because a day’s outside food can mess up your entire target.

  • Do not consume too much yogurt

People consume more curd for weight loss, but excessive consumption can become a hindrance in reducing weight.

  • Do not consume excessive amount of salt.

Consuming too much salt can increase the amount of sodium in your body. So avoid its consumption.

Similarly, you should not consume some other food items like

  • Fruit juices have less fruit content. They are processed and are rich in sugar. There is no fiber.
  • Be it samosas, momos or noodles, there is maida which does not contain any fibre. It is refined flour which increases your weight.
  • Do not eat deep fried things. This will increase the weight.
  • Alcohol also increases obesity in the body. It also increases the risk of getting fatty liver disease.
  • If you cannot eliminate meat from your diet, then definitely reduce your intake.
  • Don’t think of french fries as healthy. It contains very few vitamins, minerals or fiber. It contains more sodium and trans fat which is not good for your stomach.

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What to eat to lose weight

Now we will tell you which food items you should consume to lose weight. We are providing you a list of such items.

  • If you want to reduce belly then take less carbohydrates in the diet. Simple carbohydrates like white rice, biscuits and wheat flour roti contain a lot of sugar which can be harmful. Consumption of complex carbohydrate bajra roti, oats or brown rice will be beneficial.
  • Take a diet rich in protein. Moong dal is considered one of the best sources of protein. There are 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of moong dal. Protein is found in both plant and animal sources. Animal sources, such as beef, chicken, tuna, poultry, fish, have high protein content. On the other hand, major plant sources of protein include nuts, seeds, potatoes, whole grains and legumes.
  • If you want to reduce obesity, then include vitamins in the diet. Eat nuts, fruits and leafy vegetables. Consumption of vitamin C such as lemon, guava, orange papaya is beneficial for those who want to lose weight. It burns fat.
  • If you want to lose weight then take a good fat diet. Use mustard oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil etc. for food. But avoid trans fat.
  • By drinking green tea before sleeping at night, you can achieve your goal quickly. Also, eat cherries after dinner at night. Eating this will help in reducing weight.
  • The use of cinnamon will be beneficial for weight loss. It can be taken in the morning before breakfast and before bedtime.
  • Have honey as the essential hormones present in it are known to suppress appetite and aid in weight loss.
  • Lack of water in the body has a bad effect on metabolism, due to which the body is not able to burn fat, but by drinking more water, appetite remains under control and weight does not increase.
  • Black pepper helps to increase the thermogenic effect or thermic effect of food, which increases the metabolic rate or your body’s burning of calories.



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